NLP Certification

While NLP is an unregulated profession, it does have a universally agreed certification structure, which is progressive and does require completion of the previous certification at certain levels. Please ensure that any training you undertake is being delivered by a trainer who holds the correct accreditation themselves.


There are various training formats available today. The most important principle to grasp is that one training course, however long or short, will not make you a skilful practitioner. Becoming proficient with NLP requires the practice of the right skills over time. We are particularly interested in promoting the importance of Continuous Professional Development, and their levels of membership reflect that focus. To ensure that you are practising the right skills, it is essential that the company you choose to do your training thoroughly cover the basics that make up NLP.

Master Practitioner

Master Practitioner does require certification at the Practitioner level. It generally builds on the Practitioner material in far more depth, especially modelling, language, and considerable new material. Students develop skills to change beliefs and values in themselves and others in a way that fits their lifestyle, family, and work systems.

Some Master Practitioner courses include modelling projects. These projects should focus on modelling real expertise and not mediocrity. Modelling mediocrity will only produce mediocrity and teach you nothing about the real power of modelling excellence. Although these courses give you a basic understanding of the modelling process, you would be wise to take an advanced modelling course if you wish to specialise in this area.


It is widely accepted in the global field of NLP that to deliver NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses, the trainer should hold a certified NLP Trainers certificate themselves. So, for those who would like to provide NLP Practitioner training themselves, the next step is to take an NLP Trainers Training Course.

Trainers Training will equip you with the skills you need to demonstrate NLP techniques and teach others to experience NLP. You will learn about course structure and presentation skills. To undertake Trainers Training, you do require certification at the Master Practitioner level.

Very few people in the UK are recognised as being able to deliver Trainers Training. Please check our guidance on Master Trainers.

Master Trainer

Only a Master Trainer of NLP, or someone who has reached the equivalent standard within the Professional Guild, IN, IANLP, or INLPTA, can deliver NLP Trainers Training and issue an NLP Trainer’s certificate to an NLP trainer.

There are very few Master Trainers in the UK, and ANLP has worked with all the other recognised NLP certification bodies in the UK to compile a set of clear Master Trainer criteria required for someone to be recognised as NLP Master Trainer. Some certification bodies have their standards, in addition to these minimum criteria, for achieving Master Trainer status, and ANLP also identifies these criteria for Master Trainer status.